Your back, your fate?

Werner M. Wehnemann, non-medical practitioner, Bremen

During the past years several papers were delivered on the subject of the spinal column.
Today I speak to you as a chiropractor with 15 years of experience (as well as a BRT therapist), because it is important to me to tell you that skeletal shifts cause blockages with a static as well as a reflexive component. The therapist should not only rely on his chiropractic ability, but do each individual case justice.
This means that he should also apply other, additive treatment methods in combination with chiropractic. I speak of the possibilities of acupuncture and bioresonance therapy, two methods which proved very effective and complementary to chiropractic in my practice.

Your back, your fate? — This sounds threatening, but is not, since the question mark at the end of the statement points to the possibility of successful therapy.
Our bone structure used to be equipped for a life span of about 45 year...

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