When the black clouds come – help with Alzheimer’s and dementia

Torsten Hartmeier, Naturopath, Lübbecke, Germany


We all know someone who has defeated cancer.
But no one knows anyone who has defeated Alzheimer’s.


Would you like to be in great health when you are over 80?

I’m sure we all want to reach a ripe old age. Look into the future and envision yourself at 85.

Take a look around the room and look at two people. One of them will most likely suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Right now you probably think that won’t be you. That could be the case. But then you’ll be the carer for the Alzheimer’s sufferer. In one form or another, Alzheimer’s will affect us all eventually.

One of the key fears surrounding Alzheimer’s is our inability to prevent it. An effective cure and treatment still hasn’t been found despite years of intensive and highly scienti­fic research. As soon as we reach a certain age, it seems to be fate that our brains give way to Alzheimer’s.

Is dementia really something we just h...

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