What effects do organs and the psyche have on the malposition of the spinal column?

Claudia Lepper, MD, Specialist in general medicine

From 1998, I ran a "normal doctor's surgery as a family doctor and general practi­tioner" for approximately 8 years. As I had been taught throughout my studies and ed­ucation, I supplied my patients with pain medication, blood pressure medication, anti­biotics, etc. At least once a week, I welcomed a pharmaceutical representative who provided me with information about the latest products from the respective compa­nies. For my chronically-ill patients, I would often use longer than the 7 minutes desig­nated by the social insurance companies in order to be able to achieve a change in be­haviour during the patient discussion. However, I did often have to fall back on medi­cation if this was not successful.

I indulged in my hobby, acupuncture, by taking part in the "best-practice model for ac­upuncture" which had been newly-introduced by the health insurance companies.

I thought I was a good doctor who took good care of her pa...

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