What effects do drugs have on a patient’s micronutrient balance?

Kirsten Soltau, Naturopath, Glinde, Germany

In 1900, average life expectancy was still about 49 years, today it is already over 80 years. This is certainly not just down to developments in the field of medicine, but this certainly has a significant part in it.

In 2010, every person over 65 years of age with statutory health insurance in Germany (27.2% of the total population) received an average of 3.6 daily doses of a drug as long-term treatment.

In a study on the frequency of multi-medication, it was found that in 2012, 42% of patients over 65 years of age received five or more active substances as long-term medication (Thürmann, 2013). The number of different active substances and drugs increased to six or more drugs in patients admitted to wards for internal medicine.

Medications prescribed by conventional medicine can, if taken regularly, trigger deficiency symptoms or an increased requirement for essential vitamins as well as micronutrients in addition to the largely ...

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