Welcome and opening the Congress

Mr. Hans BrĂ¼gemann, founder and executive director REGUMED

This is the 51st Congress to be held on the subject of the bioresonance method. The first Congress took place in 1979 on Lake Starnberg. Even back then users were making important suggestions and discoveries which continue to play an important role in developing the method today.

Our Congresses are shaped by broad- mindedness and the common objective of helping many patients by using an advanced, non-invasive form of therapy free from side effects. In particular, the bioresonance method is often able to help restore health to patients with conditions which conventional medicine is unable to treat effectively.

The great willingness of bioresonance therapists to pass on their knowledge and experiences is extremely gratifying and helps us to further develop and underpin our methods. This willingness unites bioresonance users and provides them with a unique set of skills. It also helps to integrate the bioresonance method ...

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