Welcome and opening of the Congress

Hans Brüggemann, founder and executive director REGUMED
Dear Congress participants,
May I thank you all for coming to this our 55th International BICOM® Congress. Special thanks to those of you who have had a long journey to get here, but welcome to everyone else too.
The theme for this year's Congress is Bioresonance: ingeniously simple, simply ingenious.
What do we mean by simple?
Duden, the renowned German dictionary, gives the following definition: "easily understood — easy to implement — uncomplicated". If we study the bioresonance method in an unbiased and open manner, we see that it really is easy to understand.
Here is a list of the few salient facts needed to understand the BICOM® bioresonance method:

All matter living or dead transmits frequency patterns/information.
These frequency patterns can be picked up with the aid of conductive applicators.
These contain all physiological and pathological frequency patterns.
When inverted and fed back to the body,...

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