Vitamin D – central pillar for the immune system – latest research findings

Dr. Jörg Schweikart, Economist, Nutritionist, Alternative Practitioner, Berlin, Germany
Vitamin D deficiency is perhaps the most widespread vitamin deficiency in the world. Leading researchers in the field refer to this as a hidden epidemic that may lead to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths worldwide each year. A study conducted in Germany came to the conclusion that about 18,000 lives could be saved in Germany alone if the official bodies could decide to recommend vitamin D supplements generally. [1, 2]
The importance of vitamin D has come into sharper focus in the wake of the COVID‐19 pandemic, when numerous studies from around the world have consistently shown that the risk of contracting COVID‐19 and the risk of a severe progression correlate directly with vitamin D levels. [3, 4] Again, it is believed that widespread supplementation in the population could have saved tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives. At‐risk groups in particular can...

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