Vasculitis — new findings and therapy options

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath
1. Introduction  Dear colleagues, dear management, dear Mr Sinn and all of the REGUMED employees,
When I got the request to do another speech this year, I was keen to introduce to you a small sensation from the latest findings on the topic of vasculitis, that originated in a very different area of medicine and brought attention to the work of complementary medicine in January 2017.
2. Prof. Haverich's research work
"A new theory on arteriosclerosis challenges the current doctrine." So began a head­line of a daily newspaper published in Hanover and of the BDH newsletter.

The article was based on a study conducted by Prof. Dr. Axe Haverich from the Medical University of Hanover (MUH department: HTTG surgery). Here is an excerpt from the study, Prof. Haverich:

"It is not fats from the blood, but disruptions in the supply to the arterial wall, that lead to deposits in the inner vascular wall and trigger arterial calcification."

The doctrine, believed fo...

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