Using bioresonance in an ENT practice: Remove polyps without operating?

Dr. med. Eberhard Wenzel, Husum, Germany
The causal treatment of allergy sufferers with a multi-causal condition in an ENT practice has always presented therapists with a difficult task. Finding an outcome satisfactory to both parties continues to pose a challenge. Chronic polypous pansinusitis (polyps in the paranasal sinuses) in particular is an increasing and ever more complex disorder to control, even for the self-styled "father of modern paranasal sinus surgery", Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Draf from Fulda.
Since 1 August 2004 I have been working in an ENT practice in Husum. Based on a structure evolved from an ENT practice set up 23 years ago by my predecessor, allergy patients were simply treated with a short-term desensitisation therapy consisting of seven injections. Alternative methods of applying allergy therapy were either rejected or ignored. This use of monotherapy only met with limited, if any, success. In the early 80s only 10% of patients with an exist...

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