Use of the “Degenerated cells” CTT test sets according to Riffel’s system of practice

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany

Dear colleagues,

Firstly, I would like to point out that this year's presentation at the 60th International BICOM Congress does not prevent me from attending the seminars “Degenerated cell diagnosis and therapy” by Dr. Wolfgang Rohrer and ”The holistic therapy of tumours and autoimmune diseases” by Dr. Sabine Rauch. This presentation is also not intended to imply that tumour diseases can only be treated with these two test kits.

The holistic treatment of patients with cancer involves more than just two test kits! I would like to share with you my experience of using these two test kits in my everyday practice and how I use them to treat tumour patients.

As many of you already know, I am the spiritual father of the extension module 1 program. The program sequences 10325 (Ai), 10326 (Di) and 10327 (A) were successfully implemented in 2014 with the help of the software developers at REGUMED.

At this point I would like to refer ...

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