Petra Heier, Naturopath

For 19 years I have been practising as a holistic naturopath with a focus on bowel conditions and as such all diseases relating to this organ but also spinal manipulative therapy. For 15 years I have worked as a BICOM therapist with the BICOM 2000 and BICOM BICOM optima® devices. Bioresonance therapy is integrated into every treatment in my practice.

The different treatment philosophies according to Hildegard von Bingen, Father Sebastian Kneipp and F. X. Mayr also allow me to gain a holistic view of different illnesses.

I try to give the patient a broader perspective on their illness, so they don't see it as an "operating breakdown", rather as part of a development process that might perhaps take place precisely because of the illness itself. It is often crucial that the therapist's mindset is such that they explain to the patient that their illness has a where from as well as a where to. In this way all layers — the physical, the spiritual and the inte...

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