Tumours and growths: ways of combining individual therapy modules

Erika Kalbfleisch, Veterinary Naturopath

The use of various BICOM hardware and software components enables me to do a test in a relatively short amount of time and allows me to draw on positively tested compo­nents and link these with one another during therapy.

The saved tests act as the basis for therapy plans and, in addition, are a big help when it comes to monitoring the therapy and its success.

Using examples, I will show you which of the possible combinations of modules I use, and how I successfully link them in order to treat tumour and neoplastic diseases.

The following devices and software modules are employed:

BICOM Optima and mobile BICOM Optima
BICOM Multisoft Pilot
BICOM Multisoft Test
BICOM SD1 Digitiser
BICOM Body Check
and different test kits by other manufactur­ers

Description of the application possibilities of the individual modules:
BICOM Optima and mobile BICOM Optima

I generally link the devices to my and control them with t...

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