Treatment of pathologies including cerebral foci with the BICOM 2000, including demonstration

Dr. med. René Peña Marvez, Venezuela

The information which I bring to this congress is the result of research; the evidence and verification are provided by the biological laws of nature. Through this research I have succeeded in designing and developing a new revolutionary healing skill in the wonderful world of bioresonance and electromagnetic fields.


I used as my basis Dr. Hamer’s theories (he himself calls them biological laws) with which he stipulates that the psyche (non-material element), the brain (portrayed by computed axial tomography [CAT] and embryology) and the organ (the place at which the disease actually manifests itself) are closely linked to one another.
In other words, a psyche brain organ triangle (Fig. 1), which is the connecting point between mind and body. Every emotional or physical event in each of its sides influences the whole triangle. An emotional conflict or organic damage affects the whole person.
Dr. Hamer’s the...

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