Treating specific jaw zones has far-reaching effects on the body

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, Agios Nicolaos, Greece

I spent many years searching for settings for the individual regions of the jaw which I could reproduce consistently and which, as reflex zones, like the eyes, ears, foot reflex zones and other areas, mainly show reactions to disturbances present across the whole body. Only rarely (for example, following an accident) are problems in the dental root area responsible for subsequent symptoms within the body.

It had already emerged while I was practising in Switzerland that most patients’ conditions did not improve when they had their amalgam fillings replaced by gold or another material. On the contrary! Many patients only came to me after having their amalgam fillings removed and replaced because they felt worse than before. Since then, before advising patients to have their amalgam fillings removed, I always treat the jaw region belonging to the most troublesome tooth – usually with outstanding results. Only in very rare...

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