Treating bronchitis effectively with BICOM bioresonance therapy

Angelika Prigge Jugsch, Naturopath, Sandstedt

Ladies and gentlemen,
It gives me great pleasure to speak to you today about treating bronchitis simply and effectively with the BICOM device. This disorder comes in many different forms: acute bronchitis, allergic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, spastic bronchitis, psychosomatic bronchitis, barking cough and many more. To treat the condition speedily, simply and effectively, we therapists need the following:
a BICOM device, the 5 element test kit, appropriate applicators, a little intuition and the courage to treat the patient. Then bronchitis, in all its forms, can be treated speedily with ease. Even inexperienced BICOM therapists can soon achieve a positive outcome using this method.
I should now like to demonstrate how quickly this can be done.
Up until a few years ago my practice concentrated on treating neurodermatitis. I was always looking for new ways of treating this disorder more swiftly, more simply and more ...

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