Traces in the face organ-related facelifts using bioresonance

Dr Sumer Zeynep Karabey, Aydin, Turkey

Dear colleagues,
Dear bioresonance therapy enthusiasts,

This year I have the honour of reporting to you on a highly unusual area of BICOM® bioresonance therapy.
I am talking about the use of bioresonance in cosmetic medicine.
At some point, when using bioresonance in my practice in Turkey, I noticed a certain general "rejuvenation" in my patients' faces. Initially those vital steps in the bioresonance therapy system - relief for the immune system and elimination of toxins and heavy metals - appeared to me to explain this phenomenon. The patients underwent a kind of purification treatment and that was reflected in a visible rejuvenation and general contentment.

Some time later I observed the following: the facial wrinkles of patients who underwent repeated meridian flushing (meridian start or end points in the face) were noticeably reduced.

I asked myself whether facial wrinkles have a deeper meaning than a ...

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