Vitamin C and Lecithin Copy

The Vitamin C point is found in the same position as the Vitamin E point, but on the left-hand side of the body, at the lower edge of the clavicle, towards the middle.

Vitamin C is probably one of the best known vitamins and is needed in a — higher amount than the other vitamins especially to increase the body’s resistance.

Vitamin C assists with Iron absorption from food, while an excess of Zinc makes it worse.

In patients who tend to bleed below the skin (also couperosis), or if their teeth become lose or if the skin is rough and tears easily (in spite of proper care), one can here most likely expect an abnormal reaction. If the hydrogen transfer in the organism does not work properly, massaging this point in connection with the Hydrogen point is very beneficial.

During the period rich in berries, fruit and vegetables there will hardly be a Vitamin C deficiency — in winter we can prevent a possible deficiency by eating citrus fruit, kiwi, cashew nuts and Brussels sprouts. Thus there is rarely any feeling of numbness but rather an unpleasant pain (especially only if the dosage of Vitamin C is too high), because the organism is unable to break down the excess of Vitamin C (risk of uric stone formation).

At the bottom edge of a small bone at the front of the left shoulder joint (on the level of the thymus gland) is the point for Lecithin. This zone is most easily found if you move the hand, exerting a little pressure, at the left shoulder joint from the bottom to the top — until it meets resistance.

Lecithin is in the cell membranes — its task is to convert low-grade protein blocks into high-grade blocks which are necessary for the growth of the cell core. Lecithin is able to improve the functions of the brain and nerves.

It will be pressure-sensitive in people with learning difficulties and tiredness. Lecithin also influences fat digestion and is useful to prevent fatty degeneration of the liver.

Lecithin mainly occurs in egg yolk and in soya beans as well as in liver and kidney. Be careful here, as toxins animals have absorbed are also stored in these organs. It also occurs in stinging nettles.

If there are very unpleasant diffuse complaints in the head area, taking a Lecithin containing remedy should be taken into consideration, but this needs to be checked with the therapist.

If the Lecithin point is conspicuous, the Phosphorus (below the navel) and the Bile acid (at the back of the neck) points need to be taken into consideration. If the Lecithin point is painful, ideally all three points should be massaged one after the other with a Zircon or a Moldavit.

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