Ribonucleic acid Copy

If the point directly between the eye brows is sensitive or numb, there is a Ribonucleic acid deficiency.

The RNA is composed of a chain of nucleotides, which consist of the sugar Ribose, of Phosphoric acid, Purina and Pyrimidine base.

This point shows basically the Nucleic acid metabolism, where Uric acid is the falling-off product.

If it feels painful, it should — after treatment of the weak-tested tissue point between the collar bone and the shoulder joint — definitely be treated first, as it has a control function especially in case of respiratory diseases.

Finally all persons allergic to pollen have to stimulate especially these following points: Protein — Ribonucleic acid — Vitamin A.

If there is an imbalance towards a Protein deficiency, this point will be sensitive to pressure. The test points for the actual protein digesting enzymes are to the right and the left of the breast bone.

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