Nutritional metabolism and allergies

We don’t have really good possibilities to solve our problems with food incompatibilities because of the fact that classic medicine concentrates on looking and treating the symptoms and doesn’t look for the reason of this over-reaction.

In order to ensure the complete function of our organism we have to rebuilt
our biological balance in the body. This biological balance — that means normal vital function — is necessary for the health and correct metabolism in the human body.

Because of the unhealthy and unnatural cultivation in today’s agriculture, however, we only get a fraction of those substances which we require for our normal metabolism, in other words, for our life. It is vitally important therefore that our organism understands or rather learns to understand to make use of the little bit it gets.

In order to guarantee this difficult and partly complex task of absorbing, utilizing and evaluating food, many organs have to function properly, which means: must fulfil their function completely — and this requires a balanced household of vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements.

Vitamins are important to maintain the metabolic processes in the body — like trace elements and minerals, the body is unable to produce them by itself, (Exception: Niacin = Nicotinamide).

This means:

In order to unlock the quantities necessary for the organism, the organism needs not only to have these substances added, but it will also have to evaluate them correctly so that the added vitamins, minerals and trace elements are really of benefit to our organism and are not simply secreted again without having been used.

In a well-balanced nourishment the body is given everything it needs for life — the fact that it is partly unable to convert the nutrients properly is the actual problem and generally the cause of all metabolic diseases amongst which the allergies take up the largest portion.

A fairly simple and fast method to determine signs of deficiencies in such vital substances is the kinesiological testing of various pre-determined points on the patients body by a therapist.

Via BICOM BRT or ONDAMED colour frequency therapy he can then try and provide a balanced and the better utilisation of the nutrient, tested out for priority.

The layman too can do something about it. With the help of this book, he can find these points and massage the spot slightly if there is a feeling of numbness or if it is painful, until the pain has disappeared or there is a sensitivity to pressure.

For the points at the back one needs a second person who looks for and then massages the points.

In this way, support of the metabolism is better possible through the improved utilisation of the offered food.

It was found that these points on the body react to pain as long as the organism continues to be able to defend itself against the current incorrect utilisation — but once the body has resigned (because it is no longer able to optimally utilise certain nutrient substances), and then there will be a feeling of numbness at that place.

Approximately a third of the points indicated here I learned about 20 years ago in a kinesiology seminar, the others I discovered by myself. The individual test and therapy points are practically contact spots between a particular nutrient and the environment and can thus be stimulated. Because it does not really help the organism to get a substance added, the body needs to know what to do with it — and many therapists have meanwhile understood this.