Lithium Copy

The test and therapy point for Lithium is to the right exactly on the 7th processus spinosus of the cervical vertebra.

In small quantities, Lithium is not poisonous and occurs in plants. So this trace element enters the body through salads and vegetables.

When there is a Lithium deficiency, patients may frequently suffer from depression and sometimes epilepsy-like conditions. This point may feel painful in patients with migraine, arteriosclerosis and a damaged liver.

It was found to be beneficial, if the muscle test in this point was weak, to add a well-cleaned red Tourmaline or a Sugilite stone to a glass of water, leave it there for three days and then to drink the water over three days.

People who eat very little salt sometimes have high levels of Lithium in their bodies.

Lithium-containing therapeutic baths are good for the nerves and the urinary tract, they promote the bodies moveability, so aquarobics are good, to promote the muscles and joints flexibility.

In homeopathy, Lithium is used against rheumatism and gout — the body is unable to detoxify properly, becomes depressive (loaded with too many toxins) and deposits them in the joints.

We find Lithium in various minerals which help the body to utilize this metal in a better way. For massaging use:

1. Chakra Hiddenite, Lepidolite, Kunzite or Spodumene
5. Chakra Indigolite, Rubellite, or Verdelite
6. Chakra Morganite or Sugilite

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