Iron Copy

The test point for Iron is found vertically below the Zinc point at the right side of the lower abdomen — in a small hollow at the curvature of the iliac bone. The point is found more easily if the leg is slightly flexed so the abdomen gets a bit softer.

Iron is a central component of haemoglobin and essential for the distribution of oxygen in the tissue and to remove CO 2.

Iron in its capacity as a fermentation component facilitates several cell functions and as a component of haemoglobin assists in the oxygen transport from the lung to the tissue. Even slight deficiencies can be noted by testing this point. They can be corrected easily by treating the point, thus restoring utilisation, preferably with a precious stone, thus improving utilisation.

Since there is some form of competition between Iron and Manganese, as far as the utilization of these two metals in the gastrointestinal tract is concerned, its opponent should be taken care of and massaged if one point is painful.

If the Iron point is conspicuous, the therapist needs to check the patient’s diet.

It was found that in patients in whom this point is out of order, the Vitamin C and the Zinc points also feel painful.

Since haemoglobin absorbs carbon dioxide in the metabolic processes, the point on the left arm (CO 2) also needs to be checked if the Iron point is conspicuous.

Iron is contained in the liver and kidneys of pork, calf and beef — vegetarians can get it from beer yeast, sesame seeds, soya beans, millet, wheat germ, parsley, lentils, beans and oats.

Iron is found in a lot of minerals for massage. Some of the most common are mentioned as follows:

  1. Chakra Epidote
  2. Chakra Fluorite, Garnet, Lapislazuli, Magnetite, Pyrite
  3. Chakra Amazonite, Labradorite or Spektrolite, Larimare, Rhodonite
  4. Chakra Chalcopyrite
  5. Chakra Agate, Amethyst, Ametrine, Chalcedony, Citrine, Hawk’s eye, Haematite, Heliotrope, Jasper, Carnelian, Rhodochrosite, Rubellite, Ruby, Sard, Schorl rock, Siderite, Staurolite, Tiger’s eye, Tigeriron
  6. Chakra Chrysocolla, Dumortierite, Markasite, Olivine or Peridot, Topaz, Zoisite
  7. Chakra Sugilite and Opal

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