Explanation (cont)

Chakra Sugilite

The Multivitamin points on both sides of the head below the mastoid (bones below the ears) may be painful only during winter, when fresh fruit might be scarce.

A short-term occurring avitaminosis may be remedied by the simultaneous massaging of both points below the ears, as you can only see a general tendency.

The actual vitamin deficiency shows up at specialised points which should be treated individually. If there is a tendency to allergic reactions of the body to various substances it might help to massage both points simultaneously (with a stone from the 5th Chakra) — so that the organism is stimulated to react correctly.

A further interesting point is at the tip of the tongue, because it has a general
relationship to all B-Vitamins. This includes Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin
B2 (Riboflavin), Niacin, Folic acid, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6

— (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamine) and Vitamin B15 (Pangamic acid).

If the tip of the tongue is very sensitive, or if it looks flat or otherwise conspicuous, there might be a problem with the heart. Therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is interesting that people with such problems often also have reduced mobility and pain in the joints. If these symptoms are presented, attention should be paid to the Vitamin B complex point.

If the tip of the tongue feels numb or painful, it can be massaged slightly with the fingernail or the crystal pyramid pencil to balance a general weakness in the utilisation of B Vitamins. But it is better to test the various Vitamin B points separately and then massage them systematically.

In order to build up the Vitamin B metabolism generally, nature provides us with grain, yeast, milk, potatoes, vegetables, liver and kidney.

The point for Ammonia is above the thyroid cartilage, in the angle of neck and chin, if you bow the head.

This point is of great importance where the acid-alkaline metabolism is run off the rails. Most people know the smell of liquid ammonia. This is Ammonia solved in water. By treating this point in conjunction with the RNA point, the coupling of Hydrogen ions with Ammonia to Ammonia ions, which are secretable, is improved and regulated.

However, if the renal function is deficient, Ammonia formation is usually disturbed — in these cases, consult a doctor to find the causes.

It was also found that the Ammonia point reacts conspicuously in patients with diabetes.

We recently found that the tip of the chin is responsible for indications of radioactive Caesium in the body.

Although in its bonds it has characteristics similar to Potassium, it must be remembered that Caesium is a radioactive element which, over a period of time, will inhibit the cell metabolism and is harmful and may change the genes. It increases the risk of cancer. So this point must always be checked in environmental disasters and needs to be strongly massaged if it is pressure sensitive because the body needs years to actually break down Caesium.

I found it interesting to notice that mushrooms, which had been contaminated after Chernobyl, were able to break down the contamination through enzymes contained in the mushrooms themselves. This was supported by a study at the University of Salzburg. So consumption of forest mushrooms is “harmless” and may even be considered medicinal as it helps the human organism to break down Caesium contained in the air.

Fortunately this point rarely tests weak and is neither painful nor numb when pressed or rubbed.

This test and treatment point for Selenium is at the right-hand side of the neck — in the middle, the outer edge of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle — and has lately gained some significance because of tumour therapy.

It was found that if there is a Selenium deficiency, there is a greater risk of heart attacks as well as a greater susceptibility to certain viral infections and skin and/or joint diseases. Selenium is needed to decrease the effect of other toxic trace elements to support the Pancreatic function. Selenium is also beneficial to the eyes by increasing sensitivity to light on the cornea and acts against cataracts.

You will notice, however, that this point is not very often painful. This means that usually there is enough Selenium in the organism, but it is not utilised properly. If this point is pressure-sensitive, only the point at the neck should be treated — because an overdose of Selenium (if not prescribed by a doctor)

— can have unpleasant side-effects (detrimental to the skeleton and illnesses of the liver).

Selenium is found mostly in wheat bran, soya beans, pulse, rice, whole-grain products, nuts, brewers yeast, sea food, cereals and offal.

Helpful stones for massaging this point are:

  1. Chakra Charoite or Jade,
  2. Chakra Amazonite,
  3. Chakra Calcite, Jasper or Chalcedony
  4. Chakra Chrysocolla

A derailment in the utilization of Mercury is tested by touching a point which is at the same level as the Selenium point, but at the inner edge of the right Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Mercury is a cell and nerve poison, depending on the quantities, of course. In small quantities, this trace element fulfils an important task in our respiratory system, the glandular and immune systems and regulates our thought and speech centre via the nervous system. Mercury has also an interesting effect during colds and sinusitis, tonsillitis and ear infections.

Mercury contributes to detoxification in the liver particularly if food has been eaten that contains high quantities of pesticides and fertilizer.

Based on Mercury containing pesticides which were used lavishly for a while in agriculture, the seeds are partly so contaminated that a lot of birds were dying. If the muscle test at this point is weak — which is very rare — the patient must also be tested for an allergy to Eiderdowns.

Because of the polluted waters fish have increasingly absorbed this trace element — and after beef was fed with fish meal, it got back to us again.

Dental treatment with amalgam (alloy of Mercury, Silver, Copper and Tin) or if the mother was treated with this substance during pregnancy may also result in a sensitivity or numbness and be the reason of a blockage to Mercury, since the organism has forgotten how to absorb the necessary traces.

It was found that children with hyperkinetic problems usually have been exposed to amalgam problems at an early stage.

Mercury is present in Cinnabar, a mineral which effects the 5th Chakra.

Selenium is the antagonist to Mercury — if the behaviour of the point is conspicuous, watch out for the Vitamin B6 household and the reaction at the Vitamin E point (on the left eye and/or right clavicle).

This point is at the left inner edge at the centre of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle at the neck — Trace elements which have a similar superior function as the two Multivitamin points and thus need to be massaged only rarely.

Trace elements and mineral substances are interdependent of each other and may support or replace each others biochemical reactions, effects and function which means that drawing clear-cut lines is often difficult.

The test and therapy point for Vanadium is at the same level as the trace elements point, on the outer edge of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

This trace element is part of various enzymes which are particularly important for the growth of bones and teeth. It is also supposed that Vanadium reduces cholesterol forming and helps regulate the blood sugar.

If there is too much Vanadium, the conjunctiva may become affected and there may be visual disturbances, apart from a susceptibility to colds. In such cases also keep an eye on the Vitamin C point.

Vanadium is contained in plant oils, pulse, molasse and fish.

This point — Vitamin F household — is in the outer corner between the Sternocleidomastoid muscle and the clavicle on the right-hand side of the neck.

Vitamin F is a mixture of essential fat acids and regulates blood cholesterol levels. Although lots of people have problems with their cholesterol level, the point is neither rarely painful nor is it necessary to massage it.

However, I have found that mainly patients with occasionally occurring eczema on the skin have an unpleasant reaction here at this point. It was then initially treated with BICOM bioresonance instrument and afterwards massaged by the patient several times with a Jasper stone.

Sufficient quantities of Vitamin F and the fat acids are contained in cold-pressed oils.

If a persons diet consists mainly of animal fats it is possible that the point at the clavicle may have no feeling or feels numb. In that situation the points for Vitamins A, E, D and K are also not okay as these vitamins are fat-soluble and therefore need a well-balanced fat metabolism.

In this case it is necessary, apart form massaging the Vitamin F point, to stimulate the zone for the control of the fat metabolism to the right of the lateral line of the body at the height of the waist line (detailed description after the bitters).

If, however, there is sensitivity at the left side of the neck this is a clear indicator for a dysfunctional Calcium metabolism.

Calcium is an important component in bones and teeth and blood clotting, fat digestion and passing on of nerve stimuli. Calcium also strengthens the hair and nails. The Calcium and Phosphate metabolism are closely linked, and Vitamin D promotes the utilisation of the Calcium — so if the Calcium point is painful, also watch these two zones.

A Calcium deficiency is present mainly in patients with hypertension, osteoporosis and menopausal women and also if few green vegetables, potatoes, nuts and milk products are consumed or cannot be utilised properly.

If the Calcium point is pressure-sensitive or numb, it is recommended to check, in addition to the treatment of this point, whether possibly milk product incompatibility might be the cause of this “deficiency”.

We find minerals to stimulate the Calcium point in all 7 Chakras — with all 7 Crystal-structures.

  1. Chakra Actinolite, Azurite, Charoite, Epidote, Howlite, Malachite, Moonstone, Selenite and Sphene or Titanite
  2. Chakra Fluorite, Garnet, Lapislazuli and Sodalite,
  3. Chakra Amazonite, Labradorite or Spektrolite, Larimare and Rhodonite
  4. Chakra Apophyllite and Idokras or Vesuvian,
  5. Chakra Agate, Calcite, Chrysoprase, Dolomite, Rhodochrosite, Rosequartz, Rubellite, Ruby and Sard,
  6. Chakra Aragonite, Chrysocolla, Prehnit, Tanzanite and Zoisite,
  7. Chakra Apatite

Also you can use a Coral, Obsidian, Opal or a Pearl.

A Calcium deficiency and a Vitamin D deficiency often go hand in hand. If it is pressure sensitive, the Phosphate household should be checked.