6.2.1 Testing with the foot switch

Use the foot switch while holding the tensor in your hand.

Connect the foot switch to your BICOM. Please see the operations manual for your BICOM device on how to adjust the foot switch speed.

The BICOM multisoft Pilot also has a function to adjust the foot switch speed. From the main menu select “Extras” > “Foot switch”.

Please make sure that the adjustment has been done properly to ensure a correct usage of the foot switch.

Selected programs in the “Selected programs” list can be tested one after another.

Press the “Start” button and use the foot switch to enter your test results.

The program jumps automatically to the next program after a result has been entered.

Positively tested programs are highlighted green.

Use the context menu to delete all programs that are not highlighted green (see section 6.1.1 “Deleting programs”).