4.3.1 Selecting the BICOM® interface

Go to “Extras” > “Device configuration”, to determine if the BICOM is recognized.

More information can be found in Chapter 3, section 3.3 “Configuring the interface to the BICOM device”.

Now connect to the device by clicking on “Extras” > “Connect to Bicom”.


A recognized device will be connected automatically. Please take notice of the prompt on the top right of your display which shows that the device is connected:

In case the BICOM multisoft Pilot does not find (recognize) a BICOM device this prompt will appear.


In this mode you can…..

  • Click on “Offline” – you can work without a connection to the device. Programs can be preselected etc. but not started. On the top right hand side of your display the prompt shows “Device not connected”.
  • Check the BICOM and if necessary turn on the device
  • Check the USB connection between the PC and BICOM / or reconfigure the device once again.

As soon as a connection has been made the window disappears.

On the top right hand side of the display the status bar shows “Connected”.