14.5.2 Rapid selection of test programs

Under “Own test programs”, programs for testing substances with therapy modes A, H and for therapy modes Ai, Di can be allocated.

In order to rapidly change the therapy mode during testing, three variations are available. With these three variations you can create your own test method.







Programs that you often use can be defined for each variation. This allows you to rapidly navigate between the variations without having to select a program from the list. In the example shown for therapy mode Ai in variation 1 the program 191 has been selected.

In order to change to program 197 in variation 2, select variation 2.









To select a different program from a variation, click on the arrow and select a program from the list.

Note: The allocation of programs to a variation list is done by you (see below).






Confirm your selection by clicking “Apply permanently” or “Apply temporarily”.

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