1.12 BICOM cupping therapy – Contraindications Copy

BICOM cupping therapy – Contraindications

It’s unlikely that you will be using Cupping therapy at this point and you may never have the need to do so.

The cupping therapy is a purifying technique that forms a localised congestion on the skin surface by creating negative pressure using glass or special plastic cups in order to promote blood, lymph and nerve circulation.

Cupping Therapy involves the elimination of blockages in certain areas with high concentration of waste material and removal of dirty blood in order to overcome an illness or maintain well-being.

Do not use BICOM cupping therapy on patients if they have

  • high fever
  • advanced diabetes
  • anaemia
  • leukaemia
  • severe cardiac disorders
  • disorders of blood clotting
  • extreme tiredness and cachexia
  • during pregnancy

Rules of hygiene must be observed when working with active tissue. Caution: cupping (bloody) with patients taking anticoagulants.

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