Tolerance of dental materials and their influence on patient health

Dr. med. dent. Cornelia Wolschner, dentist, Berlin, Germany

Chronic inflammation resulting from permanent immune activation is the basis of many chronic disorders. This dysfunction of the immune system is triggered by various factors, including allergenic, inflammatory or toxic dental materials.
My colleague, Dr. Ingrid Fonk, describes this influence as follows:
I know of no other  specialist discipline that affects all other disciplines – without exception  - to the extent that dentistry does. All these disciplines are, to a considerable extent, connected with syndromes which are the result of dental materials which patients cannot tolerate.

Case study
This assessment is illustrated impressively by this unusual case where a problem with material was not actually suspected.
A patient who only came for treatment sporadically as she lived some distance away, came to me with acute severe pain in old gold crowns on teeth nos. 36 and
37. I had recommended some tim...

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