Therapies in changing times: ideas on a complex concept in bio resonance therapy

Norbert Roth, non-medical practitioner, Antdorf

„Sit before the facts like a small child and be willing to give up all preconceived opinions, follow nature humbly, wherever it may lead you and what ever abysses you may encounter, because otherwise you will learn nothing."
Let us regard this statement which refers to an ideal world that is difficult to understand without comment. We will come back to it at the end of this paper.
In Eddington's parable, which is about lif e in the ocean, science limits itself to fishing and uses a net with a defined mesh size of five centimetres. Careful checking always produces the same result, namely that all fish are larger than the mesh size. Put differently, whatever is not caught is not a fish'. Science seems to have its limits wherever objectivity ends. Must we as therapists understand everything, or is it just that we don't want to admit whatever we don't understand, because we ourselves are limited?
In „God, man and science...

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