The world of micronutrients

Dr. Jörg Schweikart, Founder & CEO Sunday Naturals Products GmbH, Berlin, Germany

About the importance of an optimal nutrient supply for health, the potential of micronutrients in prevention and therapy, and the most important quality characteris­tics of high-quality dietary supplements.

What is an optimal supply of nutrients?

Our body is a finely balanced and extremely complex system of countless biochemical and bioenergetic reactions. Under ideal conditions, all these reactions interact per­fectly to produce maximum vitality and health. The often expressed naturopathic view that the body is a self-healing system is basically correct, but it needs external support in many stressful situations.

Above all, the body needs a whole range of important ingredients to perform its daily miracle: these include fresh air, sleep, exercise, but especially so-called essential nutrients. Only an optimal supply of all essential nutrients enables all processes in our body to run as int...

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