The vegetative nervous system: New approaches in the treatment of symptoms relating to vital functions

Norbert Lindner, Naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for your time today and for allowing me to give some insight into the 'vegetative nervous system'.

Time and again I am fascinated by the vegetative nervous system and today I would very much like to introduce you to this area of the "unknown".

When I became ill with Crohn's disease 28 years ago, it was the first time that I had come across an autoimmune disease. The greatest shock for me was that something was happening inside my body over which I had no voluntary control.

Of course as long as we are healthy we rarely give any thought to the processes taking place inside our bodies. I was convinced that every illness could be remedied, by resorting to surgery if need be.

When conventional medicine offered me no other options apart from even more surgery, I started to look into what "pulls the strings" in our bodies. Every conscious process triggers millions unconsciou...

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