The use of cell cultures in medical research

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch, Dipl. Biochemist

Introduction and background

Since its establishment in 2002 close to the university town of Tubingen in south west Germany, Dartsch Scientific GmbH has conducted research and development without animal testing solely using organ-specific cell cultures. Alongside standard procedures the company has also developed numerous test methods of its own which are deployed successfully in a wide range of different fields to investigate active substances or their mixtures. In doing so our aim is not just to examine the agent's beneficial action but also any possible toxic effects. The possibilities offered by organ-specific cell cultures in medical research will be examined more closely through selected examples. We will also direct our attention to examining products and methods which have so far tended to meet with scepticism from the conventional medical community yet are of considerable interest in certain disciplines such...

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