The tumour patient in a Bicom practice

Marianne Thalmann, Bioresonance Therapist, Güttingen, Switzerland

1. Introduction
Up to about 5 – 6 years ago I would never have dared to treat a tumour patient. When however cancer struck close to home, I no longer had any choice. Since then I have had wonderful experiences with seriously ill people, and with the knowledge I have today I would like to encourage all therapists to help precisely these people and to have the courage to treat them and help them with a unique method – bioresonance therapy.

2. Experiences
From the experiences I have gained I am convinced today
- that people suffering from cancer cannot really be healed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapies etc.
– not in a single case and - at the same time a tumour patient above all must be willing to allow themselves to be helped consistently along the road to self
-healing in every respect; of course the therapist must play their part too - that we as bioresonance therapists are in a position to help precis...

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