The significance of the acid-base balance in BICOM practice

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hanover
Dear colleagues,
As BICOM therapists we deal with concepts which consider the patient as a whole, for the disease itself affects all his responsive, regulatory and compensatory mechanisms, and this is the basis of our approach.
After making a comprehensive diagnosis, our job consists of performing therapy which observes the holistic aspect in order to eliminate the disease’s “breeding ground” and, as far as possible, bring about a distinct improvement in the patient’s condition.
One “breeding ground” on which disease thrives is a permanent disturbance of the acid-base balance.
Treating this disturbance will help our patients regain their initial stable energetic state and a pleasant quality of life.
The key to this lies in the many different possibilities offered by BICOM resonance therapy, whether on its own or combined with classic naturopathic therapies.

It is common medical knowled...

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