The role of the Epstein Barr virus in chronic diseases

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany

A Typical case
12-year-old Louis came to our practice with constant diarrhoea accompanied by abdominal cramp, migraine, dizziness and tiredness. The conventional medical diagnosis was lactose and histamine intolerance. Despite the patient adopting an appropriate diet the symptoms scarcely improved. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy results were normal. We learnt from the parents that, prior to his current symptoms, Louis had developed glandular fever inĀ 2009. Following kinesiological testing we began bioresonance therapy by eliminating the Epstein Barr virus. The effects of electronic smog and interfering scars were treated. Intestinal mycosis was rehabilitated and the allergies to cow's milk, wheat and salicylic acid were treated. After this the boy was well again. His abdominal pain had vanished, he could tolerate milk and wheat and the tolerance threshold of foods containing lactose and histamine was even raised. Once the acute symptoms had su...

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