The new BICOM Multisoft program – Another milestone in BICOM bioresonance therapy

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing

I kept wondering whether it would be possible to add to the BICOM device by storing test substances electromagnetically. For a long time I was reluctant to look into this in more detail. The reason: I did not want to recommend anything which perhaps would not offer the same quality as the traditional method of testing using test ampoules. About two years ago, when it became possible to call up stored frequency patterns electronically without any loss of quality, I began looking into this more and more.
I know there are BICOM users who do not want to stop using test ampoules. The BICOM Multisoft program is not really aimed at them. Yet a great many therapists won over by the benefits of using computers asked me if it would be possible to call up a test substance by simply clicking with the mouse. It would be much quicker and would make operation far easier. In addition, there would certainly be other significant benefits as regards clarity and a clas...

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