The missing link: Osteopathy and BICOM in treating chronic lower back pain

Jorge Costa, Osteopath, Aerospace Physiologist

Dear colleagues,

in today’s speech, I would like to give a new and complementary perspective on how to approach those extremely difficult cases regarding CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN (CLBP)
Lower back pain is known worldwide as a public health problem, and is one of the main reasons patients resort to primary health care. Either for the therapeutic and diagnostic resources spent, or the high rate of disability it causes to patients, lower back pain is a real challenge for family physicians, making the thorough characterization of the multidisciplinary team associated with this condition a matter of the upmost importance.

The spectrum of disease and morbidity associated with LBP is broad. For many patients, LBP episodes are self‐limited and resolved without specific treatment. For others, however, back pain is recurrent or chronic, causing significant pain that interferes with employment and quality of life. Muscle‐ligamentar...

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