The menopause: Hormone therapy is not always essential

Ilona Patz, naturopath, Potsdam, Germany
The field of acupuncture is seemingly inexhaustible and in terms of its complexity may be considered an area of knowledge in its own right. In my own case I have realised that I am probably too old now to fully master the intricacies of acupuncture. Of course, I also started too late.
Ear acupuncture is no exception, because even the small area of the ear mirrors our entire body. A few years ago Frau BrĂ¼gemann tested ear acupuncture for us as a means of weight loss and I believe many of you successfully use this method. In my practice too I have helped some 30 patients now, particularly women.
But weight loss is somewhat unquantifiable. We cannot really check whether patients are actually keeping to the dietary advice they are given etc. But one point in particular struck me and I followed up on it. All my patients confirmed that they felt much better overall as a result of the treatment. Frau BrĂ¼gemann herself pointed out at the time that te...

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