The Lung Meridian

Flooding of the Meridian

Recommended for bronchial asthma, spastic bronchitis, tonsillitis, skin conditions on the face, shoulder pain, rhinitis, trigeminal neuralgia, headaches, ache, eczema, neurodermatitis, congestion and swelling all over the body, circulatory weakness and throat diseases.

In flooding the meridian, the start and end points of the meridian can be stimulated. If the meridian is blocked due to scars, tattoos, piercings etc., symptomatic complaints can arise.

Lung meridian: Connect the start and end points of the meridian through use of the gold finger, knob applicator and/or depth probe.

Create a program sequence with the following programs:

  1. Clear deep blockages (Nr. 3017.0)
  2. Lung meridian acute (Nr. 210.1)
  3. Lung meridian chronic (Nr. 211.1)

Applicator connected with black input cable for stimulating Lu 1

Applicator connected with red output cable for stimulating Lu 11

Lu 1 = below the left clavicle
Lu 11 = exterior side of the left thumb
Swap input and output and start the programs again.

Treatment of the Individual Points of the Lung Meridian

Instead of flooding the meridian, the individual points can also be dealt with directly:

Lu 1

Location: one thumb width below the collarbone in line with one thumb width outside of the nipple in the direction of the arm; recommended for: coughs, asthma, colds

Lu 5

Location: on the outer side of the tendon in the elbow bend; recommended for: coughs

Lu 9

Location: on the thumb side of the wrist, at the notch where you can find a pulse; recommended for: coughs

Lu 11

Location: on the outside of the thumb, 0.25cm to the side of the nail base; recommended for: coughs, sore throats