The impact of heavy metals – aluminium on the blood test

Zdravka Svetličić, dr. med. vet., Homeopath, Bioresonance therapist, Zagreb, Croatia

We are surrounded by aluminium and the increasing number of experts believe that too much of it enters and stays in our bodies. The consequences are by no means harmless.

The fact is that we ingest it in excessive amounts, most often unknowingly, partly through food, partly through the skin or by inhaling it. The health hazard was confirmed by the report submitted by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to the European Commission.

The book "When Aluminium poisons us", by Virginie Belle, talks about the problem of excessive intake of aluminium. This book caused the commotion a few years ago in France, but also in other EU countries. It is a book that deals with the toxicity and harmfulness of Aluminium, a most abundant metal on our planet.

Where can you find aluminium?

While fifty years ago we ingested minimal amounts of aluminium from vegetables and maybe some f...

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