The HCl (hydrochloric acid) point and its significance for metabolism and immunity

Ulrike Nigmann, Naturopath, Wetter

Dear colleagues,
For years we have listened to interesting papers on mycoses, parasitosis, viral infections, rheumatism even cancer, where chronic acidosis constituted the underlying condition. Additional symptoms may include: lack of concentration, chronic fatigue and even exhaustion, neuralgia, herpes of varying severity, chronic conjunctivitis, “allergies”, inflammatory mucosal changes, caries, brittle hair and nails, palpitations, heartburn, loss of appetite, indigestion, pain in the muscles and joints, arthrosis, osteoporosis, itching, abnormal blood pressure, menstrual or fertility disorders, cellulite, oedema, weight problems, weakened resistance, circulatory disturbance with risk of infarction, apoplexy or thrombosis (Dark field tests reveal erythrocytes clumped together in roll formation, loss of substance by erythrocytes, fibrin).
Children are increasingly presenting with the above symptoms. We must the...

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