The culprit isn’t just found in the intestine – Pancreatitis, gastritis, enteritis & Co

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner, general practitioner, Vohenstrauß, Germany

For the past 9 years in our small town general medical practice we have been working with a broad range of naturopathic therapies, the favourite being bioresonance. This is because, in addition to enabling extensive testing of the causes of disorders, bioresonance therapy offers outstanding possibilities for treating medical complaints by stabilising impaired organ systems and eliminating pathogens. We make use of the full extent of conventional medical diagnosis and combine this with comprehensive naturopathic diagnosis and therapy which our patients respond to very well. We only resort to conventional medical treatment if absolutely necessary however. Meanwhile we now work with two BICOM® devices which are usually in constant use and, over the years, have treated several thousand patients with bioresonance, many of them with digestive disorders.

The intestine – heart of our immune system

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