The crux with the cruciate ligament with dogs

Dr. med. vet. Karen Eigenbrod, Berlin, Germany
A somewhat different conservative treatment method - an alternative approach

General information
In all cases we first have to establish the extent to which the damaged structures can still function, if at all. Serious thought
must be given to repairing the joint, taking the animal's overall well being into account.
In most cases, rupture of the canine cruciate ligaments is not a sudden traumatic insult. It is rather a case of numerous tears in the structure of the connective tissue (tendons), i.e. fatigue tears that eventually snap in half, affecting the menisci and muscles to varying degree.
Previous ultrastructural analysis (J. Haus, Z. Halata, H. J. Refior) classified three types of nerve endings in the knee: Ruffini corpuscles, Pacini corpuscles and free (afferent and efferent) nerve endings. The nerve endings in the anterior cruciate ligament correspond to those characteristic of articular capsules. The anterior cruciate lig...

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