Teeth as overriding interference fields in musculoskeletal disorders

Marcel Riffel, naturopath, Ostfildern,  Germany

Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
I am now in my seventh year as a naturopath working with BICOM® bioresonance therapy. Prior to this I worked for six years exclusively as a physiotherapist
– predominantly focusing on trauma/
I still remember one female patient who had persistent shoulder pain and who must have come to me some 30 – 40 times for treatment. Mrs K. had abnormal pain, could not raise her arm or splay out her fingers – everyday work of any kind caused her extreme pain or proved completely impossible. She categorically refused surgery because the results of x-rays and MRT scans, sonography, blood count, etc. all came back showing no problem. Nothing seemed to help, be it cortisone, ibuprofen, Voltaren or manual therapy, massages, electrotherapy, osteopathy or thermotherapy.
After a number of unsuccessful treatments I finally admitted defeat and told the patient that I ha...

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