Technology-Therapist-Patient: a subtle combination

Professor Dr.-Ing. Norbert Harthun, Leipzig, Germany

1 About the term subtle¹ energy²-structures³
Though the title of this paper suggests a very broad field of research, in the time available I will use examples to provide “circumstantial evidence” for the action of subtle energy structures.

The physicist William Tiller, for example, views the term from a technical perspective. According to Werthmüller [1], Tiller introduced the concept of “subtle energies” into physics and expressed the idea in the following way:

“By subtle fields or energies I don’t simply mean weak fields or energies ... Based on our experiences to date, subtle fields are very weakly linked to our electromagnetic fields so that we normally only perceive small effects. But under favourable circumstances they can interact powerfully and bring about major effects. I believe that the future technology we develop in this area will uncover latent energy content and the opportunities for utilising such subtl...

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