An important aspect of treatment: the influence of the mind on the body!

Esther Röder
Realising the influence that the mind and soul can have on the human body is no easy matter!

That's why it may appear that, as a result of challenges they are faced with in their personal/professional lives, more and more people are suffering from chronic headaches and joint pain, as well as conditions such as cancer, ADHD, MS, depression, excess weight and general immune deficiencies. These disorders are often at the forefront of the sufferer's thinking and in most cases are seen as a purely physical problem.

When people suffering from these symptoms come into my practice I try to show them that any disorder can also be brought on by emotional and psychological factors, and that this is something they need to appreciate more fully.
I have found an energetic activity such as Reiki (universal life force) and energetic testing with the tensor (bio-tensor) to be helpful in this regard.
When making an initial physical/energetic assessment of the patie...

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Results of a pilot study into the link between blood parasites and cancer and their successful treatment

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
It is a special experience for me to report today on the continuation of the research work about which
I presented a paper last year.
This research work, whose theme is the link between blood parasites and cancer, is largely based on the intensive research of two great sci-entists whom I must now respectfully mention and whom I should like to remember for they have made a very valuable contribution to mankind and have, so far, not been recognised by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine. They are Dr. Wilhelm von Bremer, who published the article "Krebs — eine Erregerkrankheit" [Cancer — a pathogenic disease] in the journal "Fortschritte der Medizin" back in 1932. There followed a series of discoveries and publications. Likewise Dr. Alfons Weber who published his findings in 1968 in a series of books, such as "Haben wir potentielle Krebserreger schon im Blut?" [Do we carry potential carcinogenic agents in our blood?]

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Mould – hidden beneath the tip of the “allergy” iceberg

Bettina Decher, Naturopath, Frankfurt, Germany

Part I

General information about moulds, their occurrence in nature and in human and animal habitation.
Moulds as inhaled and ingested allergens
Significance of moulds and their enzymes in industry

1. Moulds – definition and classification in the fungi system
As regards moulds, the definition still applies as given by Delitzsch (1943, and quoted by Roth, Fran and Kormann in 1990). According to this, moulds must have the following characteristics:-  Their habitat is the soil or concentrated nutrient solutions (there are no specific aquatic fungi as such).-  They can live as saphrophytes i.e. they obtain their nutrients from dead organic substances which they break down.-  They form a typical mycelium. In this respect they are different from yeasts, which form loose cell groups but no real mycelial component.-  They mainly multiply through asexual spores (sporangiospores or conidia).-  If they form any reproductive organs at all,...

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Having the courage to treat advanced stages of cancer using the Bicom

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, doctor, Izmir, Turkey
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
I first started using bioresonance therapy 4 years ago. I became curious after speaking to a medical sales representative who was a chain smoker and had given up smoking through bioresonance. At the time I saw use of the BICOM® as being restricted to this type of treatment and also didn’t have the time to learn more about other indication areas.
I bought a device with a colleague and, in addition to our work as doctors in the public health sector, we were also looking to work part-time in our general practice and use bioresonance as a smoking cessation treatment. But after a while we decided out of curiosity to attend further training courses offered by company representatives in Turkey. It soon became clear to us that this didn’t just stop at smoking cessation. We decided to venture into treating allergies. This was followed by the huge range of rheumatic diseases and plenty of successfu...

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Stop the burn out

Andreas Geier, Naturopath, Koln, Germany

Definition of the term
The term burnout was first used by New York psychotherapist Freudenberger in 1974. Although today it is widely used to describe a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, there is no standard scientific definition.

A list of definitions according to Rook shows that in all definitions there is an overlap of the terms 'physical, mental, emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation, reduced work efficacy, unfulfilled needs and expectations, disillusionment, failure to adapt to work'.1

In this paper I refer to the working definition drown up by Schaufeli & Enzmann:

''Burnout is a persistent, negative, work- related state of mind in 'normal' individuals that is primarily characterised by exhaustion, which is accompanied by distress, a sense of reduced effectiveness, decreased motivation, and the development of dysfunctional attitudes and behaviour at work. This psychological condition develops


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Treatment of Hamer foci using the PowerApplikator and expansion module 1

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany

1. Treatment of cerebral imprints (Hamer foci) using, the PowerApplikator and expansion module 1
Ryke Geerd Hamer (born 17 May 1935 in Mettmann) is a former German doctor who since 1981 has promoted the concept of "Germanic New Medicine" developed by himself.
His methods have proved to be extremely controversial to those in the medical profession and on 8 April 1986 he was barred from practising medicine in Germany.
Before being stripped of his licence to practise medicine he continued treating patients suffering mainly from cancer during subsequent years at various locations in Germany and Austria, without a health insurance licence. In addition he founded various private clinics, some of which were illegal, because he did not have a licence.
According to Hamer the trigger for every type of cancer is always some kind of shock event. He soon extended his theories on the cause of cancer to all illnesses.
Hamer postulates that a p...

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Excellent success in the treatment of restless legs syndrome

Dr. Michael Wagner, Specialist in General Medicine, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
Definition of restless legs syndrome — hereinafter referred to as RLS
RLS is a sleep-related neurological disorder affecting the legs. RLS was originally referred to asWittmaack-Ekbom syndrome orWillis- Ekbom disease. The original description dates back to 1861 and the term RLS was coined by Swedish neurologist Karl-Axel Ekbom in 1945.
A distinction is made between two types of RLS:
1. Primary or idiopathic RLS
2. Secondary RLS
Idiopathic RLS: The cause is largely unknown, although evidence points to a genetic link.
Secondary RLS: Occurs as a result of another disorder, e.g. iron deficiency or renal insufficiency (failure).
In Germany between 3% and 10% of the population suffer from RLS, which means that some 1.6 to 8 million people are affected by it!
This makes RLS the most common neurological disorder in Germany!

To date it has not been possible to confirm the causes of the disorder wit...

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Complex treatment of urogenital disorders using bioresonance

Dr. Cornelia Schumacher, MD. TM Ph.D dipl. PT for Urogenital Rehabilitation, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Ladies and gentlemen Mr and Mrs Brugemann
After 14 years of clinical work in the field of physiotherapy/physio-science, in 1988 I was confronted with a new challenge: the treatment of conditions and complaints in the fields of gynaecology, urology, proctology, and psychology. Complaints such as urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, constipation, impotence, prostate disorders, sexual diseases and problems in pregnancy were at the time taboo and called for great sensitivity when it came to their rehabilitation. The complexity of the matter resulted in my founding the specialist field "Urogenital Rehabilitation" in Switzerland. Treatments consisted by and large of pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback, electro stimulation "TENS" (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation) and intravaginal and intra-anal palpation. In 2003 I learned about the biophysical treatment option...

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Bioresonance an approach to the treatment of intrauterine fetal pathologies

Dr. Esra Kirsever, Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, Istanbul, Turkey

I am working in my private clinic in my country as a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. I have met BICOM® bioresonance therapy method four years ago on the occasion of my mother's health problems. Then I began to use BICOM® bioresonance method in my clinical practice.
I have shared my study about Dilated Cardiomyopathy with you last year. This year the topic of my presentation is about obstetric and gynaecologic problems. In the first part of presentation I will share my experiences the common problems that related to pregnancy; preterm labor, anaemia, and liver problems. In the second part, I will summarize the treatment of intrauterine fetal pathologies with bioresonance method.

Pre-term Labor
Preterm labor is the effacement or the dilation of the cervix between the 26th and 37th weeks of pregnancy with 2 contractions every 10 minutes or 3-4 contractions every 30 minutes with each contraction l...

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Lung cancer: New prospects for treatment

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, Doctor, Izmir, Turkey

My dear colleagues and bioresonance friends;
We are together in the 54th international BICOM® bioresonance congress. I especially thank Mr and Ms Brugemann for giving me a chance to speak. Besides, I thank Sissi Karz for her great efforts in the cancer treatment protocol and Dr Zeynep Karabey for her support and informing us about all developments and innovations of bioresonance.
This year I would like to talk about primary and metastatic lung cancer and its treatment through BICOM® bioresonance. As you know, during my speech in the previous years,
I mentioned the BICOM® bioresonance treatment of my mother who had peritoneum cancer, and my sister who experienced inflammatory type breast cancer when she was pregnant for 32 weeks. I have been receiving e-mails concerning this matter so I would like to state that my mother and sister are in the 5th year and at full remission. Even, my sister has given birth to her second baby. Before sharing m...

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