Frequently overlooked possibilities to successfully help with Bicom bioresonance therapy

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, GR 72100 Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Since my seminar activities have been greatly reduced in the past year and now I virtually only hold individual seminars for 1-8 people in my own rooms in Crete, I do not know how many of my colleagues still actually use my therapy system, which has been well proven over many years. Anyone familiar with it will have no doubt come to rely on the special results achieved even during the initial treatment — when you watch out for pulse quality while running the basic program and in this way discover the relevant single frequency to help a little on the way towards focal therapy, even during the initial treatment. Such procedures can naturally also be performed with the new BICOM® 2000 and the modulation mat. All the other suggestions from my 25 part „box of tricks", the ABC of bioresonance therapy, a few copies of which are still available, can naturally still be performed to even better effect with th...

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