Pathogens and poisons – a dangerous interrelationship. Testing and treating combinations of stresses

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Specialist in General Medicine, Simone Maquinay-Hennecke, BICOM® Therapist, Aachen, Germany

Bioresonance therapists have been searching for the root cause of chronic conditions for decades. According to our observations, the focus has changed in recent years in much the same vein as in other areas of art and science.
For many years, amalgam poisoning appeared to be responsible for virtually all chronic disorders. More recently, vaccinations have stepped into the limelight and have been eliminated on a massive scale.
Then Candida came to be seen as the villain. "I'm ill and I don't know why" became a bestseller and patients were tortured with sugar-free diets for months.
All of a sudden, parasites were the root of all evil and were tracked down and hunted in all organs and meridians for months and years.
Viruses and bacteria were not spared either and became prime suspects from time to time.
Unfortunately, increasing numbers ...

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