Difficult case studies: Allergological and toxicological detective work

Dr. Jurgen Hennecke, Simone Maquinay
Experience gained from working with bioresonance for over twenty years has shown that most cases of chronic disease are attributable to a combination of basic food allergies, intestinal flora imbalance and chronic stress from germs or toxins.
Treating these with energetic therapy using appropriate oscillation patterns generally brings about a marked improvement in the patient's medical condition.
And then suddenly they encounter a difficult case! Why, when proven tests and therapies are used,Over the course of time all experienced therapists develop their own strategy and system which they follow and which generally brings them success. doesn't the patient's condition improve over the long term? Have I overlooked something? Is something else causing the problem? Where else should I look?
And suddenly the BICOM therapist becomes a detective searching for energetic clues. Another detailed patient history, a meticulous diagnostic rea...

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