Further aspects relating to hereditary toxic stresses for the successful treatment of chronic disorders

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hanover

Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of BICOM resonance therapy,
During this colloquium I would like to share with you the experiences I have gained from my work which underline the significance of hereditary toxic stresses in current practice. I would like to build on current understanding of hereditary toxic stresses to help you achieve the best possible results for your own practice.
Hereditary toxic stresses sensitise the body from birth to slow and continual increases in function damage to organs and organ systems. The effect of your body’s toxins is one of the key elements in the development of chronic disorders which will remain with you throughout your life.
Hereditary toxins are frequently responsible for resistance to therapy and the acuteness with which the disorder is felt not just at the start of treatment of a new patient but also in the case of successfully treated patients who develop symptoms in the short or long term w...

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