Tips and tricks for successful testing

Simone Maquinay, BICOM® Therapist, Aachen, Germany

Our body is like a labyrinth. First you need to find the right point of entry and then the right path. There is only one way to find this path and to follow it: you have to communicate with the body. So, how do I learn to 'speak' to the body? There are a number of different methods used in energetic testing:

Electroacupuncture after Voll (EAV), where skin resistance is measured and interpreted by acupuncture points.
Pulse testing (RAC), where feeling the intensity and 'tension' of the pulse enables physical stresses to be diagnosed.
Tensor testing, where the direction of an oscillation gives us information about resonance and dissonance in the body and provides answers to clear psychological questions.

is used to test muscle tension. The muscle is provoked by applying pressure against the natural direction of movement and testing whether it can withstand this pressure. This gives us informati...

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